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About Us

Blue Lion Jewels gives people the means to show their passion through style. We get great joy in providing quality jewelry pieces of unique style, and yet,  something more. Our jewelry is an expression of something much greater that we are feeling. We have a vision that through the pieces we wear, our history, passion and love will spread and be touched by the world.

 As Blue Lion Jewels continues to grow and create innovative pieces, we mindfully hold on to the beauty of why we love creating jewelry. Our focus is to be not just to style a person with designer names and gemstones. But to style that person with the light that is in their heart!  You've seen it, when a twinkle appears in the eyes.  They are a person with purpose. And it's energizing and contagious!   Our jewelry is tangible evidence of who they are and what they love. We all have passions. When expressed, passions can lead to making a difference in the world. When we wear our individual passion with pride, there is amazement!  Our face lights up and the true "us" shines through. As others begin to see to it, they see the world more fully.  All of us truly have a unique story behind our reason for wearing Blue Lion Jewels jewelry.  Your story waits to be told. Be passionate. It's your calling. 

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